Physiotherapy fermanagh



1. How much is an appointment?

Most initial appointments cost £45 and follow ups cost £35, however this may depend on type of physiotherapy you need. For more information please call our office during working hours.

2. How long is an appointment?

Most appointments are approximately 40 minutes; Follow up appointments will usually last up to 30 minutes. However you get the time you need to best facilitate your fast track healing

3. Will Physiotherapy help me?

It is more appropriate to answer that question on your visit when you have had a chance to talk about your problem. We will discuss your problem with you and work out the best way to proceed. We believe that honesty regarding what we can and can't treat is vitally important to our patients and will always seek to do what is best for you.

4. Will I need to undress?

A full examination of the painful area is essential. We will need to see it and the surrounding area. We try to preserve as much dignity as possible and often a pair of shorts and, for the ladies, a thin strapped vest top is sufficient. If you are concerned about undressing, please mention it when you book your appointment You may also bring someone with you for your appointment as a chaperone. For children and young adults under 18, it is preferable for you to attend with a parent or guardian.

5. Do I need to be referred by my doctor?

If you will be using medical insurance, please check your policy as some insurance companies require a GP referral before they will pay for treatment. If you will be paying for the treatment yourself, then there is no need to go to your GP first. You can phone the clinic directly to book an appointment.

6. Is my therapist state registered?

Yes. Linda Burke is HCPC registered. If you visit, you can confirm the registration of any physiotherapist in the UK. They have a section in their website dedicated to information for the general public including the facility to 'Check your health profession is registered'.

7. Will children need to be accompanied?

All under 18's must be accompanied during sessions. Even when they are more mature, they may not be legally permitted to give consent to treatment.

8. Can I bring someone with me?

We are more than happy for you to bring a friend or relative with you, they can come in to the treatment room or wait in reception. We do ask that only 1 person accompanies the patient into the treatment room.

9. What should I wear?

In general you should wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing to physiotherapy. 
If you are attending for a lower extremity problem it may be advisable to bring some shorts with you, which you can change into whilst in the treatment room.You may need to undress down to your underwear, depending on the problem area you are presenting with, as your therapist will need to be able to clearly see the body part and surrounding area in question. Please feel free to bring vest and shorts to maintain your modesty if you wish.

10. What should I bring with me?

If you have been given any of the following, please bring them with you to your first attendance.
  • Referral form or letter
  • Insurance details (claim forms/numbers)
  • Information regarding your condition (scan / X-ray reports)
  • Any supports, appliances, walking aids or exercise sheets issued by any other health practitioner
  • 11. What if I have an increase in symptoms?

    Unfortunately, for a few patients, the natural progression of an acute condition may mean that, despite intervention, symptoms continue to increase for a short time before they improve. 
    It is also common to have some post treatment soreness following physical intervention, i.e. manipulation, mobilisation, stretches and frictions. In addition, you may also experience a little discomfort from any exercises that you have been given in the early stages of your rehabilitation. However, we would not expect there to be a severe increase in symptoms following treatment and, if this is the case, you should contact the clinic for advice. 
    Be sure to explain to the office staff that you have had a significant increase in symptoms that you are concerned about. They will get the therapist covering the clinic to call you back on that same day if at all possible. We will be able to give you advice over the telephone on how to manage and/or reduce your symptoms, or we may arrange a follow-up appointment so that we can see you earlier and deal with any new problems. In certain circumstances we may recommend that you contact your GP or specialist.

    12. What is my responsibility in physiotherapy?

    You are our partner in your recovery. Without your co-operation and willingness to complete home exercise regimes and incorporate the advice you have been given in daily activities, your response to treatment is very likely to be limited and you are unlikely to fulfil your maximum recovery potential. Your input is extremely important in expediting your quickest and most effective route to good health.

    13. Will I be covered by my Health insurance policy?

    We are registered with all major health insurance companies and for clients with health insurance cover, your treatment fees will often be invoiced to your insurers directly. Please check with your insurance provider as to whether you need a GP/Consultant referral before making an appointment and to determine the exact specification of your cover.

    14. How do I pay for my treatment?
    V Payment for treatment is required at the end of each session, you can pay by cash, cheque and credit/debit card. Access to cash machine for free cash withdrawals is available close to the premises.