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YOUR fast-track back to full fitness

Chartered Physiotherapy by a Chartered physiotherapist involves the skilled use of various manual mobilization techniques, physiotherapy electrotherapy and exercise to effectively enhance your natural healing ability. Chartered Physiotherapy facilitates the return to full health and fitness in the fastest possible time.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a therapeutic health profession that assists people with injuries, pain, stiffness, weakness, and other movement problems. Chartered Physiotherapists are university trained and are experts in injury diagnosis, injury treatment, injury prevention, exercise prescription, rehabilitation and many other areas of sport and musculoskeletal health and fitness.

Chartered Physiotherapists also have the expertise to assess the underlying causes of musculoskeletal injuries and provide effective, evidence based treatment so you can resume your normal lifestyle as soon as possible with the least likelihood of recurrence. Physiotherapists educate patients and teach them the skills required to take care of their bodies using various tools and methods.


A Chartered physiotherapist is university educated health practitioners, with entry to the profession being at either Bachelors or Masters Degree level. Many practitioners also undertake further qualifications in specific specialities such as acupuncture, Manipulation, etc.
A Chartered Physiotherapist has had rigorous four year training in a wide range of medical specialities. We learn the same detailed anatomy and physiology as medical doctors, and are skilled diagnosticians in our own field. A Chartered Physiotherapist is legally obliged to make a diagnosis before undertaking any treatment…SO YOU ARE IN SAFE HANDS!


Physiotherapy can ensure your injury is thoroughly assessed and diagnosed correctly. This is essential to ensure the correct treatment techniques are chosen for your condition.
Physiotherapy treatment can hasten your body's natural healing process, accelerating your return to sport or activity. Appropriate treatment will also reduce the likelihood of recurrence by addressing factors which may have contributed to the development of your condition. Physiotherapists are experts in advising patients on which activities are appropriate for their injury to maximize recovery and ensure an optimal outcome.
The treatment is effective on many conditions including neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, cardio-vascular or pulmonary in origin.


In this practice we base our treatments on a detailed history, with an examination, assessment and analysis of presenting signs and symptoms. This is to ascertain an accurate diagnosis and will be the basis on which treatment decisions will be planned. A continual re-assessment of the problem is made as treatment progresses.


On your first appointment to this practice you will be assessed thoroughly. You will be asked for information on…
• The history of the condition
• The site of the pain
• The cause of the condition (if known)
• Any previous trouble in the area (pre-disposing factors)
• Any investigations already undertaken
• Past medical history and present medication
• The nature of the pain (sharp, dull, aching, hot, etc)
• The duration of the pain (continuous, intermittent, only on movement, stiffness after resting)
• What makes the pain it worse/better
• Joint stiffness or lack range of movement
• The effect it has on your activities of daily living, work, hobbies, etc

You will then have a physical hands on examination to find the site of the injury, degree of heat and swelling of the area, the tissue tension and tenderness, muscle spasm etc.
You may be asked to perform certain movements to assess your ability and degree of pain.



We favour a hands-on approach which will usually involve massage, joint mobilisation, neural mobilising techniques or manipulation. We also accelerate healing with the use of electrotherapy and exercise. The practice is equipped with up to date therapeutic machinery including ultra-sound, interferential, short-wave diathermy, electro-magnetic energy, laser, and acupuncture.

We actively encourage patient involvement in the management of the condition by promoting an understanding of the problem and practical methods to prevent recurrence.

Exercise is an integral part of treatment.
Early treatment of acute pathology prevents chronic recurrent problems which are more difficult to handle.

Over the years the service has developed considerably and I now offer an extensive range of treatments, expertise and experience.
As a Chartered Physiotherapist I am a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and is Health Profession Council Registered
Our practice is recognized by the leading Health Insurance companies.